First post! Yippee! This will mostly be focused on comic books and related things, but I can’t promise my ADD won’t kick in. We’ll see! Anyway today is new comic book day, but it’s also the end of the month, which means none of my books are out this week. I’ve heard good things about Justice League Dark (now written by Jeff Lemire) and All-Star Western, I just hate trying to jump into the middle of things. Maybe when the trade’s out. So instead of writing about what I’m picking up today, or what I’ve just read, I figured I would talk about my favourite comic book: Glory.

The original Glory was created in the early 90s by Rob Liefeld, as a half-Amazon, half-demon, all cheesecake warrior. But now she has been rebooted! And unlike a lot of recent reboots, she’s totally awesome. I’d heard Ross Campbell (art) interviewed on the 3 Chicks Review Comics podcast before the book came out, and he sold me on it. (He wanted to give her a mohawk!) His version of Glory is the opposite of cheesecake. She has armour that actually protects her, she’s covered in battle scars, and she’s tall and muscular. And I know this is a bit odd, but I love that she has a round face. It’s so unusual to see in a comic book. Ross Campbell is fantastic at drawing women who are distinguishable from one another and who don’t all look like Barbies. And they’re not all white!  Let’s contrast and compare:

Leifeld's Glory

Campbell's Glory

She’s amazing, right? And the story by Joe Keatinge is fantastic! The Amazons and demons have been established as aliens, so there is some fun futuristic space travel that happens. And there are a lot of twists and turns that keep the story exciting, but not so much that you’re lost. Everytime I get to the end, I want more, and die a little bit because I have to wait a whole entire month before I can have it. That is how a comic book should make you feel. Also, I have a terrible memory, but I can tell you what happened in every issue of Glory. Ok, probably because I’ve read them all five times each, but still! You should go read it right now!

DO IT!!!

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