Good Morning Geekery #6

Welcome to the sixth edition of Good Morning Geekery! Every Monday and Friday morning @ 9am we’ll be posting geeky and nerdy questions and want to get your opinions. They could be from comics, gaming, my first year biology textbook, or any other area of geek and nerd culture. After all, what’s more fun than a Never Ending Raging Debate?!

Good Morning Geekery #6

Star Trek has spawned many movies both good and bad. What’s your favorite  movie and why?

4 thoughts on “Good Morning Geekery #6

  1. I was always a bigger fan of the TV shows than the actual movies, but I am digging the recent JJ Abrams reboot. I would’ve loved a DS9 movie. #IHeartBenjaminSisko

  2. I grew up with TNG, so my vote is for First Contact. Twisted timelines aside, I enjoy the three centuries worth of culture shock between Zephram Cochrane and Geordie LaForge.

  3. I have a toss up. I love both First Contact and the Abrams reboot. I lean more towards FC but the reboot opened the day before my 30th bday and I had a ST themed bday party lol

  4. While I love the reboot and first contact both, I’m going to have to go with Wrath of Khan on this one. It was the first of anything Star Trek I ever watched and holds a special place because of it.

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