Good Morning Geekery #8

Welcome to the eighth  edition of Good Morning Geekery! Every Monday and Friday morning @ 9am we’ll be posting geeky and nerdy questions and want to get your opinions. They could be from comics, gaming, my first year biology textbook, or any other area of geek and nerd culture. After all, what’s more fun than a Never Ending Raging Debate?!

Good Morning Geekery # 8

July 20th is almost upon us! Light the bat symbol! The Dark Knight Rises!

Bring it on!

In honour of this glorious day we will have a Good Morning Geekery each day this week dealing with different aspects of the Batverse.

So, the week of Batman begins;

What’s your favourite Batman movie?

Why so serious?
The Dark Knight (2008)
Batman Begins
Batman Begins (2005)
Nipples on the batsuit. Enough said.
Batman & Robin (1997)
Riddle me this. Riddle me that.
Batman Forever (1995)
Burton Begins
Batman (1989)
It's Adam West baby!
Batman the Movie (1966)

Nanananananana Batman!!!

One thought on “Good Morning Geekery #8

  1. For me, a comic-book movie is usually about the villains. The heroes are usually predictable and bland and Batman in all his incarnations has yet to be an exception.

    I love Ivy and Freeze as villains, their motivations are so sincere and justifiable. It’s easy to root for them in the beginning and lament their descent to madness and violence. However, Ledger and Eckhart performed so beautifully and brought so much depth to their characters that I’m compelled to give the edge to “The Dark Knight”.

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