Good Morning Geekery #9

Welcome to the ninth  edition of Good Morning Geekery! Every Monday and Friday morning @ 9am we’ll be posting geeky and nerdy questions and want to get your opinions. They could be from comics, gaming, my first year biology textbook, or any other area of geek and nerd culture. After all, what’s more fun than a Never Ending Raging Debate?!

Good Morning Geekery # 9

July 20th is almost upon us! Light the bat symbol! The Dark Knight Rises!

Bring it on!

In honour of this glorious day we will have a Good Morning Geekery each day this week dealing with different aspects of the Batverse.

So, the week of Batman continues;

The lovely Ann Hathaway will be playing Catwoman this time around.  While she looks good in the suit, how she stacks up against the other ladies to wear the Catsuit on the bigscreen is yet to be seen.

Anne Hathaway as Catwoman

So, who’s your favourite Catwoman and why?

Check out the vids of the lovely ladies below to see how they did while portraying the super villain.

Michelle Pfeiffer, 1992

Halle Berry, 2004

Lee Meriwether (1966)

One thought on “Good Morning Geekery #9

  1. I’m going to pick Halle Berry. It might have been one of the worst movies ever made, but the whole feral werecat schtick is my favourite by far.
    Lee Meriwether gets the prize for best costume, but needs to lose the pumps, they look daft.

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