The Dark Knight Rises: What did you think?


It’s been a few weeks since The Dark Knight Rises came out. What did you think about Catwoman? Bane? The ending? Everything else? How much did you hate this effing poster?


I liked Anne Hathaway’s Catwoman. She was no Michelle Pfeiffer, but definitely better than Halle Berry. Not that the disaster of the Catwoman movie was Halle Berry’s fault. At least she set the bar low, so that’s a plus for every subsequent Catwoman, I guess. Anyway, my point is Anne Hathaway was pretty good.

As for Bane, I’m always biased towards liking him because of Secret Six. (Sidebar: Secret Six was a DC series that didn’t survive the relaunch, but it was great. I’ll write more about it later, mostly as an excuse to go back and reread them all. My point is, Bane was in it, and he was great. Still a bad guy, but also hilarious.) I loved that he did the “BREAK YOU!” and I refuse to believe I was the only person that cheered. I also like that Bane was less hairy in the movie. I don’t think I’ve ever met a guy with that much shoulder hair.


Did anyone else catch (or imagine) the reference to Killer Croc? Of course you did. That also made me happy.

As for the end…I don’t really remember it. Bruce Wayne is not dead, yes? And Blake is Robin and finds the batcave? The part that is fun about that is you get to make up sequels in your head, which is what I totally did. Anyway, a lot of people I’ve talked to really liked or really hated the end. What did you think?

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