GeeKISSexy VI: Critical Hits to Your Naughty Bits



Yes, my friends, it’s that time of year again! That magical time when, in the depths of winter, the very best of Ottawa’s nerdlesque crawl away from their onesies and game consoles and anime marathons to heat up the Nation’s Capital.

We have a long tradition of bringing quality entertainment to you, and this year will be no different; because like true Browncoats, we aim to misbehave!

So come on down to Zaphod’s and join Del Roba, Kamie Lyann, Cinnamon Sage, Lucky Doubloon, Lady Gallifreya, Saffron St. James, and our very special guests Kage Wolfe and Sally Legges for this super special shiny sixth edition of GeeKISSexy!



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