It Says Choo Choo Choose Me….

And there’s a picture of a train!!!

Have you ever asked yourself what put the “Spring” in Springfield?

Clearly whatever *it* is can be found right here in Ottawa this very weekend! FOR THREE SHOWS!!!

Ottawa burlesque legend, Helvetica Bold is hosting a saucy Simpsons-themed burlesque show this weekend at SAW Gallery. You can get tickets HERE for any (or all) of the three shows: February 13 at 7pm or 10pm, or February 14 at 9pm.

So what could be better than a Simpsons-themed burlesque show in our sleepy little town?

Only that it’s chock full of Browncoats!!!

That’s right! Our very own Kamie Lyann, Cinnamon Sage, Saffron St. James and Booba Fette will be performing in this doodly of a show! Here’s a sneak peek of what you can expect from our crew:






That’s a lot of Browncoats! But that’s not all, scads of other amazing local and guest performers will be rocking the stage with them. It’s enough to make Jebediah Springfield lose his head all over again! 😉

So grab your best Jub-Jub, hop aboard the monorail, and head down to SAW Gallery this weekend for a diddly of a night!



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