Browncoats Across the ‘Verse

Our next big show may not be until May (Heh, “may not be until May”…) BUT in the meantime, the Browncoats are busy bees!

In just this coming week, you have three opportunities to see the Browncoats out of their geeky natural habitats.


That’s a lot of Browncoats action!

So where is all this wonderfulness happening, you ask? Well wonder no more – as your authority for Browncoats goodness, Miss Universe is more than happy to supply a steady feed of troupe shenanigans!

Monday, February 22 – Absolute Comedy


Look at that epic smarm! SMARM I TELLS YA!

Can’t get enough of Zee Rush’s antics as Browncoats host with the most? Well, you’re in luck, because he also performs stand-up comedy for the delight and enjoyment of Ottawans young and old (OF COURSE he does!)

You can catch him performing on Monday at Absolute Comedy (412 Preston St) at 8:30pm – tickets are $5!


Tuesday, February 23 – Evening of Sin

Lucky Vampyre
You know you’d let her bite your neck 😉

Lucky Doubloon is no stranger to Evening of Sin, and she never fails to makes Browncoats Burlesque proud. This week is a special themed show: “Evening of Sin: Gorelesque Edition” and Lucky is pulling out a brand-spankin’ new routine that you will NOT want to miss.

So if you want to be scared sexy, head on down to The Rainbow Bistro (76 Murray St). The doors open at 9pm and the show starts at 10pm. Tickets are $12 at the door, BUT $10 if you come dressed in your gory horrorshow best (Evening of Sin always has this discount if you dress up in the show’s theme)


Wednesday, February 24 – The Bourbon Room


Remember these two? I hope you do, because it hasn’t been THAT long since I posted about the show…And I haven’t caught wind of The Silence stalking Ottawa….


But just in case The Silence DID get to you, Kamie Lyann and Lady Gallifreya will be performing at The Bourbon Room (400 Dalhousie St) on Wednesday! Doors are 7pm, show starts at 8pm, and cover is $10.

So choose one, two, or ALL of these fantastic shows – whichever tickles your fancy – and strap yourself in for a wild ride.

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