SPOTLIGHT: Cinnamon Sage

It’s that time of the week! The time when we spotlight one of our fabulous performers! This week, we’re getting up close and personal with…



Cinnamon Sage as Nightmare Moon

How did you get into burlesque?

An ex-boyfriend took me to a Sexual Overtones show here in Ottawa and I fell in love the the burlesque performers and the confidence they had! 

Why did you choose Browncoats Burlesque?

I performed with another troupe here in Ottawa I honestly was very unaware of how big the burlesque scene in Ottawa was until I dipped my toe into it! My second show was movie themed and was with the Browncoats, I knew they were my tribe but it took me awhile to transition!

 What inspired your stage name?

I had a bunch of different ideas for a name but there’s not really a big story behind it I kept hearing the name Sage on a tv commercial and there was an intriguing song that had a mysterious lyric about cinnamon, put ’em together and you’ve got a spicy rack!

What is your favourite routine so far?

I really like doing my Pinkie Pie routine, Sailor Moon is another favourite of mine

One of Cinnamon’s favourite routines: Princess Serenity transforming into Sailor Moon

What are your fandoms?

I love magical girl anime like Sailor Moon, Madoka, and Card Captor Sakura! My Little Pony, Batman, and 90’s cartoons are also inspirations to me.

If you could meet any character from your fandoms, who would it be?

Sailor Jupiter we could trade clothes!

Lightning Round:

-Xbox or Playstation? Playstation-I have bad motion sickness though so mostly older games where the camera doesn’t move much

-Rebel Alliance or Galactic Empire? Rebels

-Pokemon or Digimon? Pokemon for games, Digimon for tv show

-Dungeons or Dragons? Dungeons&#X1f609&#X1f609

-Romulan Ale or Bloodwine? Bloodwine- I love red wine

-Tits or ass? Boobs

-Favourite Doctor? Doctor Emmet Brown from Back to the Future!

-Is Pluto a planet? No she’s a Sailor Scout!

-Who shot first? Han

Can you give us a hint about your next nerdlesque routine?

There’s the possibility of a pink cat named Princess Caroline in our shared future

Princess Bubblegum swag at “GeeKISSex VI: Critical Hits to your Naughty Bits”

Keep your eyes peeled on Cinnamon Sage’s Facebook page to catch her at shows around Ottawa!

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