SPOTLIGHT: Monroe St. James/Kensington Oxide

It’s time for our next SPOTLIGHT!!! Get ready for…


MOnroe Bannerkensingtonbanner

How did you get into burlesque?

The burlesque world found me through the Art of Drag, Monroe’s debut was by happenstance. There was a birthday bash going on and they needed a drag queen so I offered and they loved me. Later on when I was working on my 7 of 9 from “Star Trek Voyager” act and people started to notice. The Browncoats came up to me and exclaimed. “THIS IS THE NERD QUEEN!! WE NEED YOU!!!” Kensington Oxide was born shortly after since hula-hoops and chair acrobatics can be hard when you’re  in a body suit and everything slips off. Monroe St. James is one step closer to Miss Piggy..  There was a need for more BOYLESQUE in Ottawa, there was vaudeville and the odd male performer but not many people went as a BOYLESQUE performer. The Struggle was REAL.


Why did you choose Browncoats Burlesque?

As I said above, Browncoats chose me, I was sought out and they wanted me to be their NERD QUEEN. How could I refuse? I found of Family of Geeks that I could relate with. Although we all have different nerdoms (mine being the 60’s, Star Trek and horror films), it’s a great blend.

Monroe St. James performing as 7 of 9 with Browncoats Burlesque

What inspired your stage name?

At the starting Monroe St. James was created through a blend of Marylin Monroe and James St. James a famous club kid. Both were fearless performers and I aspire to be like them. The decision for Kensington was from college. I was part of steampunk pirate roleplaying community and I was the poison maker. At first the idea was Kensington was a scientist that oxidized plants and genetically modified his DNA to be part vine. *I know insert poison ivy back story* After graduating I kept the name with me because it was unique. So I used it for my boylesque name.


What is your favourite routine so far?

It would have to be my Lumberjack Whore Act.


What are your fandoms?

I really like vintage horror movies, and Disney. Of course, I have a tendency to reinvent Disney in a naughty way 😛

Start trek is also a big thing for me. I really like the Voyager series. 7 of 9 is my jam.


If you could meet any character from your fandoms, who would it be?

7 of 9 is my patronus. So it would have to be her. Although possibly Hellraiser… Except I would prefer not to be ripped up by his hooks and chains… I feel like he would have great stories. “What great things I have to show you!”

Such sass, so wow!


Lightning Round:

Xbox or Playstation?-OH GOD! Both I still play Playstation 2, and I have an Xbox 360… but to be real with you: NES!

Rebel Alliance or Galactic Empire?-Uhhhh…. out of my fandom! Starfleet!

Pokemon or Digimon?-Pokemon! Gotta catch all the plant pokemon.

Dungeons or Dragons?-Dungeons for play… nothing wrong with a little BDSM…. Dragons for flying!

Romulan Ale or Bloodwine?-Bloodwine! Never bite on the first date 😛

Tits or ass?-Tits! Monroe has quite nice ones!

Favourite Doctor?-I’m torn between 9, 10 and 11. Each of the new ones have characteristics that I adore.

Is Pluto a planet?-DUH! Planet!

Who shot first?-The one who didn’t use the desensitization cream…


Can you give us a hint about your next nerdlesque routine?

Shine Bright like a diamond…….

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