SPOTLIGHT: Lucky Doubloon

It’s your favourite time of the week! When we get to know another Browncoat just a little bit better. Introducing…




How did you get into burlesque?

‘Tis indeed a long tall tale to tell.

Whilst spendin’ time upon the shores of our beautiful city, I happened to notice that there was a burlesque troupe named after one of me verra favorite telly shows: Firefly.  Far be it for me to be a one-ship sea farin’ lass, so I applied to become one of the infamous Browncoats.

While I awaited the news from the higher ups, I started attendin’ shows to get a feel of what burlesque was truly about.  I met some mighty fine talent during my ‘holding pattern’ with the Browncoats, an’ soon discovered that neither my age, nor the shape of me ‘booty’ was a deterrent from this business, should I decide it ’twas the life for me.

I spoke to Headmisstress Holly Sin, fearless leader of the Sin Sister’s Burlesque troupe. She was generous and kind, and offered me a spot in a show comin’ up called ‘B is For Burlesque’.  The theme was muppet oriented, so I began my research.

I discovered I could indeed, surrender to the lure of burlesque while keepin’ to me pyratical roots, and me first step onto the stage was to ‘Shiver My Timbers’ from….Muppet Treasure Island.

I’ve been ‘hooked’ by the glitter and here I stand.


Why did you choose Browncoats Burlesque?

Rather funny…While I did choose BB to apply to….t’was Browncoats Burlesque that chose me!
I was on deck at a regular Evenin’ o’ Sin show, an our lovely Admiral Del Roba was in the lineup as well.

As I was gettin’ into the right space of mind to step onto the stage, our Leader dropped her gorgeous face around the corner of the doorway an’ calmly asked: ‘Hey Lucky, how do you feel about the colour Brown?’

I was truly gobsmacked! Like I had hauled up the best treasure from the deep blue! Me heart was already poundin’ out a pyrate jig with the routine about to go on, and then ….THAT happened!

The word went up to the emcee quiker than ye can hoist the Jolly Roger, for sure!
I do believe the round-about’s wording was: 

“We now introduce to you, LITERALLY the NEWEST member of Browncoats Burlesque…(like seriously just 10 seconds ago)…LUCKY DUBLOON!) ‘…



What inspired your stage name?

I’ve been a pyrate longer than I can remember, an’ I think the transition from the ship duties I had as a pyratical entertainer on the low seas of Ottawa was just a natural progression.  I wanted to select a name befitting of just as excitin’ a career as the one my articles were recently surrendered for.  Dubloons be a pyratical treasure, valued with great reverence to those ‘lucky’ enough to find them…

Tagging Lucky onto the front of elusive coins means my own value be a treasure to behold on the stage…an’ I think so far ’tis been well received! 🙂


What is your favourite routine so far?

Oy, that’s a toughie! I’ve honed a few that are near an’ dear to me.  
I think, for my pyratical themed ones, it would have to be ‘bring me that horizon’, done to Maroon 5’s ‘daylight’.  It was a bittersweet routine when I first put it out there, as the waters in me own port were rather rocky.  It was also the first routine I decided to remove my bra and fly the pasties for the first time.  This routine landed me my first acceptance into the Ottawa Burlesque Festival as well, so it’s pretty special.

The other routine that I adore is ‘gun moll’s lament’.   I do this one to Michael Buble’s ‘Cry Me A River’. It’s powerful, gutsy, and has so much sex appeal in it.  It strays from the ‘nerdlesque’ end of things, which makes it a tricky number to put on our Browncoats stage.  But I have plenty of other nerdy goodness for those times!

Gun Moll OBF badge photo 2015

What are your fandoms?

So many to choose from.
I’ve recently become a Dr. Who Fan, but I enjoy so much entertainment, that I don’t think I am ‘exclusive’ to any one particular one.

I cosplay as another passion, so my fan base has expanded on so many levels, ’tis hard to select just one.

If you could meet any character from your fandoms, who would it be?

I have met a few from my fandoms (Star Trek, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Firefly, X-Men comics and Guardians of the Galaxy comics)
I’m not going to win many points on this one, but I don’t have a real passion for meeting anyone. If it happens, it’s amazin’, but I don’t really have a ‘omg I MUST meet this person’ gene in me….(bad fangirl pyrate I know) lol…

Dee's Modified HQ

Lightning Round:

-Xbox or Playstation? Neither

-Rebel Alliance or Galactic Empire? Rebel Alliance

-Pokemon or Digimon? Ya want me to poke who?

-Dungeons or Dragons? Dungeons

-Romulan Ale or Bloodwine? BLOODWINE ALL THE WAY! MaJaQ

-Tits or ass? Ass.

-Favourite Doctor? Horrible  😉

-Is Pluto a planet? Pluto is a dog 😉

-Who shot first? Who has SHOTS first? Pyrates (rhum) lol…


Can you give us a hint about your next nerdlesque routine?

I have a few ideas for up and coming routines, as well as polishing up some that I’m really keen into.
However, all Fates willing, the next routine for yer land locked pyrate on board GeeKISSexy shall be a ‘horny’ trist into becoming *frakkin’ perfect*

Gun Moll booty

Lucky Doubloon is a regular down at The Rainbow’s “Evening of Sin” shows, so if you missed her in a Browncoats Burlesque performance, you may be LUCKY enough to catch her there! 😉

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