It’s time to spotlight our fearless leader….



Del Iron MAn

How did you get into burlesque?

I always knew about it from a historical point of view due to my interest in history. I really like the satire etc of traditional British burlesque. More so than the American which added the strip tease. When I found out it had made a resurgence I became interested, and awhile after Dance With Alana studios started offering classes so figure what the heck.

Why did you choose Browncoats Burlesque?

When I formed the troupe I wanted a name that reflected the fact that we are a nerdlesque troupe. Firefly is one of my favorite shows so Browncoats Burlesque just had a ring to it. Also because we were doing something different I felt the rebel side of Browncoats fit.


What inspired your stage name?

Not computers! Lol

It actually comes from an old Persian phrase meaning ‘That which the heart admires’. I’ve since found out that the meaning changes some between Persian dialects. It means ‘Desired one’ in another dialect, so it works 😉


What is your favourite routine so far?

Army of Darkness. How could it not be?! I get to be ridiculous, cocky, say bad one liners, have a chainsaw for a hand (after I cut mine off), and get covered in blood.

geek is sexy IV part 1

What are your fandoms?

Firefly/Serenity obviously, The Dark Crystal, Farscape, Star Trek, BSG reboot, Star Gate (original movie & Universe), Dr Who, 80s fantasy movies (Labryinth, Legend, Willow, Black Cauldron), and ‘bad’ movies in general (ex. Evil Dead Triology, The Stuff, Zardoz).

If you could meet any character from your fandoms, who would it be?

Truthfully I have no idea. I know as a kid I wanted to meet Jareth the Goblin King so he could take my cousin away.

Lightning Round:

-Xbox or Playstation? Xbox

-Rebel Alliance or Galactic Empire? Rebel Alliance

-Pokemon or Digimon? Is neither an acceptable answer? I know nothing about either.

-Dungeons or Dragons? Depends on the type of dungeon, and whether or not the dragon will be my friend.

-Romulan Ale or Bloodwine? Romulan Ale

-Tits or ass? Ass. Everyone has one!

-Favourite Doctor? Toss up between 9, 10, and the War Doctor.

-Is Pluto a planet? Yes.

Can you give us a hint about your next nerdlesque routine?

I’ll be a leaf on the wind at ComicKHANN IV: We Aim to Misbehave.

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