Shameless Promo

You’re probably pretty used to seeing pure Browncoats stuff on this page, but today we’re doing something a little different.

Geeky burlesque and fantasy novels go hand in hand, really (what do you think the Browncoats do on their nights off?) One of Browncoats Burlesque’s longtime friends and fans is fantasy author Krista Walsh (check out her website here).


Krista has just released “Bladelore”, the final installment of her newest adventure series, The Cadis Trilogy . And what better way to celebrate that achievement than a great big party!


SO pretty! ❤

So if you want to pick up “Bladelore” (and/or “Blightlore” and “Bloodlore” – the other books in The Cadis Trilogy) and quite likely, the books from her other series, The Meratis Trilogy, you can join her (and likely quite of few of her Browncoats pals) at House of TARG on June 26 at 2:30pm. The Facebook link for the event is here!






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