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Geeks are Sexy! Meet Three Nerdlesque Performers

Angela Hardwick from Ottawa-based Capital Geek Girls reached out to three local Nerdlesque performers to learn a little more about what brought them to the stage and why they chose to get their geek on in this oh-so-sexy way of life.

One of the gals she shone her nerdy spotlight on was our very own Lady Gallifreya!

“Burlesque, as in the cabaret-style stripteases of the late 19th century, has made a revival in the last few decades. As opposed to common modern stripteasing, burlesque focuses on creativity, self-expression, it can be funny or political, and its audience is mostly female. Burlesque and geekdom have teamed up so many times that “nerdlesque” is now a subgenre and, Ottawa, being a geeky hub, is seeing it thrive. I only recently heard of nerdlesque and I’m fascinated at how it redresses the stereotype our community has of being socially-awkward basement-dwellers and instead brings us together in a glittery show of confidence, allure, artistry and winsome tassels.
I wanted to learn more about it and these three local(ish) performers were lovely enough to virtually speak with me. Read on for their insights into the business.”
Read the whole article HERE, which features interviews with Lady Gallifreya, Rhapsody Blue (Rockalily Burlesque), and Delicia Pastiche (Nerd Girl Burlesque)



Burlesque Review of ‘Geek is Sexy IV: Shiny Noobs’

Our yearly geekstravaganza show was reviewed by Critical Miss from GeekxGirls, who just happened to also be one of our guests in the star-studded show:

“The evening was off to a great start with a crowd that kept streaming in. People in costume, fellow burlesquers to cheer on their peers and tons of fabulous raffle prizes. The anticipation in the air was electric for this sexy geek fest to begin and the Browncoats did not disappoint.

The acts were diverse and entertaining, and of course, nerdy. Hosted by Zee Rush and the lovely Sassy Muffin, who also performed with us that night with her Black Widow number, full of her beautiful smile and her endless energy and pizzazz.”

Read the whole review, plus some fabulous photos HERE

The Charlatan

Ottawa’s Comiccon could grow

By Sarah Thuswaldner May 29 2012.

(Shade Nyx and Bessie Mae Mucho. Photo by Pedro Vasconcellos)

Taking a photo of Captain America and Jack Sparrow next to a time-traveling Delorean is a surreal experience in any circumstance. When surrounded by 12,000 other people at the first Ottawa Comiccon May 12-13, it’s mind-blowing.

Comiccon sounds like a comic book convention (which it is) but it’s also much more than that.

Started in San Diego, where the enormous convention has been an annual fixture since 1970, Comiccon plays host to comic creators and readers, lovers of fantasy and science fiction, as well as an increasingly large collection of celebrity guests. The overwhelming popularity of the San Diego event has spawned yearly conventions in London, New York, Montreal, Toronto, and many other cities.

Convention veteran Ryan Sohmer, writer of popular webcomic Least I Could Do (LICD), said he was “f–king blown away” by Ottawa’s first show.

“Give it another two, three years, and this show’s going to be massive,” Sohmer said.

“You’ll get better celebrities, more exhibitors, more artists – it’s going to grow.”

Celebrity guests were hardly in short supply. William Shatner, Cassandra Peterson, Brent Spiner and Adam Baldwin were only a few of the icons of fan culture that made appearances.

Baldwin, who played the character Jayne Cobb on the short-lived but critically-acclaimed TV series Firefly, was heralded by dozens of fans dressed as Firefly characters.

Firefly also gave the Ottawa-based group Browncoats Burlesque their name.  The group, named after a group of fighters in the series, has been performing in Ottawa for two years, dressing and undressing as characters from comics, movies, and TV shows.

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Kristy M. Wright

From the number of video games Del Roba references in casual conversation, her Xbox gaming console must have provided marathons of dedicated play.

Now, that Xbox is shattered in pieces – smashed by Roba not as a result of a frustrating loss, but because she needed to wear it to her job.

Roba, whose real name is Frankie, is the founder of the Ottawa-based Browncoats Burlesque, a one-year-old burlesque troupe that celebrates fringe-culture enthusiasms in an onstage form of burlesque now burgeoning in North America called “nerdlesque.” Browncoats Burlesque – a reference to the cult TV show Firefly – features acts with such nerdy themes as cult movies, comic books, and video games (hence the costume composed of Xbox hardware).

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Sex Life Canada

“The definition of a Browncoat is a rebel,” affirms Del Roba of Ottawa’s Browncoats Burlesque. “We as a group, even if we intended something to be “classic burlesque,” you would be able to see the stamp of the Browncoats on it. We have an amazing way of making something uniquely Browncoats Burlesque. Perhaps a lot of sex appeal with an overtone of appreciation for where each one of us comes from. Be it a fantasy nerd or book worm or even music junkie. Together we embrace all facets of Burlesque and without intention the nerdlesque pours from our souls. Oh and we have the best Star Wars cookies around!”

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