Comiccon Panel Details

I know you’ve been waiting with baited breath to hear about when our Comiccon panel AIMING TO MISBEHAVE: INTRO TO NERDLESQUE is happening. And the results are in!   Day: Saturday May 14, 2016 Time: 6:30pm (right before the Masquerade) Where: Meeting Room A Who?: The panel will be hosted by your favourite Time Lady, […]

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Browncoats at Ottawa Comiccon

It’s been a little quiet around here, because Miss Universe is preparing for   OTTAWA COMICCON!!!!   Not only she a fine burlesquer, but she is also a prolific cosplayer, and tons of costume work means little time leftover for manning the website… BUT We’re hoping that you can forgive the lapse, because, well, she’s […]

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It’s time to spotlight our fearless leader….   DEL ROBA!!! How did you get into burlesque? I always knew about it from a historical point of view due to my interest in history. I really like the satire etc of traditional British burlesque. More so than the American which added the strip tease. When I […]

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SPOTLIGHT: Lucky Doubloon

It’s your favourite time of the week! When we get to know another Browncoat just a little bit better. Introducing… LUCKY DOUBLOOON   How did you get into burlesque? ‘Tis indeed a long tall tale to tell. Whilst spendin’ time upon the shores of our beautiful city, I happened to notice that there was a […]

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SPOTLIGHT: Cinnamon Sage

It’s that time of the week! The time when we spotlight one of our fabulous performers! This week, we’re getting up close and personal with…   CINNAMON SAGE How did you get into burlesque? An ex-boyfriend took me to a Sexual Overtones show here in Ottawa and I fell in love the the burlesque performers […]

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SPOTLIGHT: Lady Gallifreya

We know you’ve been dying to learn more about the gorgeous faces of Browncoats Burlesque, so starting tonight, we’ll be posting interviews highlighting our talented performers. If you have any further questions for the person featured, feel free to post your queries below! We want you to get to know us! First in this series […]

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Busy Bees

The Browncoats babes have been busy buzzing around local venues lately! And I just know that deep inside, you’ve been craving more! Good thing that Browncoats Burlesque is showing no signs of slowing down! Our Masala Miss, Kamie Lyann will be performing on March 12 in the fantastically named: HOCUS POKE-US: An Evening of Magical […]

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Browncoats Across the ‘Verse

Our next big show may not be until May (Heh, “may not be until May”…) BUT in the meantime, the Browncoats are busy bees! In just this coming week, you have three opportunitiesĀ to see the Browncoats out of their geeky natural habitats. THREE WHOLE OPPORTUNITIES!!! That’s a lot of Browncoats action! So where is all […]

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Bourbon on Ice

I hope you all are surviving the snowpocalypse in Ottawa this week! You probably need to warm up… *wink wink* Good thing that two of our very own Browncoats will be performing at the Bourbon room this Wednesday, February 24th!!! Kamie Lyann and Lady Gallifreya will bring enough sizzle to melt the most frozen of […]

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