It Says Choo Choo Choose Me….

Have you ever asked yourself what put the “Spring” in Springfield? Clearly whatever *it* is can be found right here in Ottawa this very weekend! FOR THREE SHOWS!!! Ottawa burlesque legend, Helvetica Bold is hosting a saucy Simpsons-themed burlesque show this weekend at SAW Gallery. You can get tickets HERE for any (or all) of the […]

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Shiny New Website

  The Browncoats Burlesque website has been pretty darned quiet for the last couple of years…   But everything changed when the Fire Nation attacked!!!   Err…I mean, when Lady Gallifreya decided to take up the duties of “Miss Universe” in her spare time and ensure that our webship doesn’t run out of gas. Because you […]

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Feast Your Eyes!

Now that you’ve had a chance to cool off a bit after Saturday night’s show, we’re going to be naughty and get you all hot and bothered again! Photos are up from GeeKISSexy VI: Critical Hits to Your Naughty Bits so you can experience the thrill of our most recent shindig ALL OVER AGAIN! But […]

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ComicKHANN III: Live Long & Posterior

Get ready to scream KHANN!!! because it’s that time of year again. Where we celebrate the annual geek pride day, also known as Comic-Con! Date: May 2, 2015 Time: 9pm to 11pm / Doors open at 8pm Location: Zaphods Beeblebrox 27 York St FB event link: (Look at our official poster with all its official-ness!) […]

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Welcome to the Dorkside

Ever wanted to show Darth Vader the power of your dark side? Show Voldemort what comes out of your wand? Be able to take Ursela’s voice away? Then come to Zaphod Beeblebrox’s Welcome to the Dork Side, where Browncoats Burlesque, along with special guests Rhapsody Blue and the duo of Retro Joad and Critical Miss, […]

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Tomorrow Night!!!!

Come on out and celebrate with Browncoats Burlesque as we present our Second Annual ComicKhann show! NECRONOMIKHANN!!! Behold a night full of nerdtastic performances by the Browncoats Burlesque Babes. Our geektastic guests for the evening: Critical Miss & Retro Joad Cosplay and Cabaret Alexander Mansfield Sassy Muffin ***Raffle*** We will be hosting a raffle!! Awesome […]

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