Titties For Kitties!!

On Friday, July 27th, Bessie Mae Mucho and Del Roba will be heading down to Zaphod’s to shake their thing at Titties For Kitties. They’ll be joining a host of local performers for a night of music and burlesque, all to raise money for Westminster Pet Sanctuary, and Hungry and Homeless Cat Rescue! The evening […]

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Kings and Boobies!!!

Join us this sunday night as we team up with our good friends The Capital Kings! We’re super excited for this is the first time us Browncoats have made it down to the Lookout to join the boys for a night of mayhem! Doors @ 9pm and show starts @ 10pm And in case you […]

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Welcome to our new home!! We’ve been hard at work the last few months, making everything Browncoats shiny and new, and hope everyone loves what’s coming their way! We’ll still have some changes coming up, so stay tuned for more New and Improved Browncoats Burlesque!

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Freeks N’ Geeks Update

****EARLY BIRD TICKETS ARE NOW AVAILABLE!!!***** The Comic Book Shoppe (228 Bank St.) and Venus Envy!! Be sure to get your Early Bird tickets from one of these fabulous locations, because we’ve got some raffle prizes for advance tickets only!! Great stuff from the Comic Book Shoppe, so you can get your geek on, and […]

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Freeks N’ Geeks

It’s hard to believe that it’s been exactly 1 year, to the day, since Browncoats Burlesque debuted their antics at Shade Nyx’s Vamps In the Mists! Join us in celebrating with a terrifying evening of antics…with sexy results! Join us at FREEKS N’ GEEKS! Be forewarned though, you will see things that will leave you […]

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