Who’s Who

Now, you may be asking yourself: “How can I learn more about the absolutely amazing persons that I saw (or desperately want to see) perform at nerdlesque shows in Ottawa?”


(Look at these spectacular folk!)

Well, great news! THIS IS THE PLACE!!!



(Seriously – we’re a pretty awesome gang…)

So let me tell you some fun facts about the collective hivemind that makes up Browncoats Burlesque. You can click on the names of the performers to learn more about them!

First, we have the leader of Browncoats Burlesque, and our very own Captain Tight-Pants, Del Roba.

Then, there is her trusty Second-in-Command, the spicy Kamie Lyann.

And behind them, typing furiously, is the Webmistress, the sultry Lady Gallifreya.

Stage kitten Booba Fette can be found clearing the main deck of glitter, feathers and discarded neligee, though she’s not shy about performing from time to time either.

Chantilly Clad is not as innocent as her name suggests.

We’ve done the research and Cinnamon Sage‘s legs are indeed the longest in Ottawa Burlesque. Don’t believe us? I guess you’ll just have to come see for yourself!

You’d be hard-pressed to find a King geekier than our Jasper Cox.

It seems impossible for two such stellar performers to reside in one body, but Nerdlesque Queen of Drag Monroe St. James, and boylesque performer Kensington Oxide seem to make it work.

Saffron St. James will seduce you with her smile and hypnotize you with her hips.

Roxy Horror is our new old favourite, who has decided to officially join our crew!

And of course, we have our boom-voiced Emcee, Zee Rush. Our shows just wouldn’t be the same without his antics.